Occasional Dance is available to teach group dances for Weddings. Group dances are great fun for a group of friends/family to learn together for a wedding either with the Bride and Groom to be, or as a surprise for the Bride and Groom.

How many people can be involved in a group dance?

As many as you like, we would just need to know rough numbers in advance so we can work out patterns for the routine.

One to one

We offer one to one tuition with one of our professionally trained dancers/teachers all of which have a wealth of experience and come armed with patience, your party will be taught the routine in a fun friendly environment, making sure everyone in the group is comfortable with the steps.

Song choice?

The choice of song is entirely up to the party involved, our chorographers will design the routine to suit the song, age of group and amount of people involved.

Where and when do lessons take place?

The group dance lessons depending on how many people involved will most probably have to be at a venue, we can recommend different venues (at venue hire prices) Lessons can take place daytimes, evenings, or weekends.

How many lessons will be needed?

The amount of lessons you might need depends on tempo and length of song and also how many people involved. We can adjust your routine to suit how much time you are all able to put in. We do advise 5 to 6 hours to complete a routine, obviously you can have more than this but this is what we suggest to learn you dance comfortably. We advise 2-hour sessions per time.

When should we start the lessons?

Trying to organise a large group is never the easiest, so we suggest organizing your dates as far in advance as possible. As for actual lessons we recommend finishing the dance around 2/3 weeks before the wedding.

How to book your lessons?

Please contact Occasional Dance at info@occasionaldance.co.uk or 07985 555966 to discuss lessons dates/times, music choice, amount of hours and payment options.