OD Theatre School Job Vacancies

Currently we have NO vacancies at Occasional Dance Theatre School.

Jobs will be posted here as and when.

If you are interested in working at Occasional Dance Theatre School you will need in place DBS, First Aid and look to obtaining in the future a Chaperones License.

Please contact info@occasionaldance.co.uk for further information and if you would like to be contacted as and when positions arise.

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What Our Clients Say

“Just wanted to say my girls thoroughly enjoyed yesterday at your Theatre School. They were still buzzing this morning!”

Ah Tina, thank you so much!  Jasmine ADORED last night.  I can’t believe she came without knowing anyone else there.  We have only moved to Upminster in the last year and Jasmine is still at her old primary school so this is her first interaction with the local community.  Thank you so much for making it such a great experience for her.

“Emma absolutely LOVED it and that’s an understatement! She couldn’t sleep she was buzzing from the class so much! She says she wishes it could be every day!”

“Theatre school is first class. My son enjoys all sessions and teachers are very experienced and make the theatre school fun to be in. Would definitely recommend.”

“Well done girls, they worked so well together, and all their great training kicked in. Thank you Occasional Dance Theatre School”

“What an amazing show!! Thankyou Tina & co for your hard work with all the children!! They were all amazing”

“Massive thank you from Faith to her fab teachers from Occasional Dance Theatre School. Congratulations to all the students that took their LAMDA this time, what fantastic results/”

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