Adults Dance and Fitness Classes for Health & Wellbeing

Bringing you a range of different classes to suit all your dance/fitness needs.


Dancing can Increase Strength, Overall Health and well being, Boost Memory, Increase Flexibility, Improve Balance, Reduce Stress, Increase Confidence and Self Esteem, Lose Weight, Social Improvement.

Please don’t worry and panic about attending a class you’ve never been to before, everyone has been that person at some point and you will not regret it, the feel good factor after a class will out way any stressed feelings prior to the class.

All the dance/fitness classes Occasional Dance offer are suitable for both the absolute beginner and for the regular class goers.

Occasional Dance have been running classes in and around Upminster for 10yrs and love every second of them.

Occasional Dance have also now been contracted by the NHS as part of their Well Being Campaign for Staff.