What should students wear?

There is no uniform. However, please ensure students wear suitable clothing that is comfortable to move in. For example leggings, jogging bottoms, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sensible footwear. Please NO jeans, skirts, dresses, flip flops or sandals.

Will there be extra show rehearsals?

Around show times there will be extra rehearsals. Rehearsal times and costs will be kept to a minimum.

Do all students take part in shows?

Yes all students take part in shows, unless they decide it's not for them and just enjoy classes without the performance side. Those students can then experience and learn backstage skills during show time.

Are there Exams?

Currently there are no exams, if enough students show an interest, this can be looked into further.

When does Theatre School run?

Theatre School is just school term time only. Optional holiday workshops are offered during school holidays.

How much are the fees?

Fees are £12.50 per session and are paid weekly for the first month. There after fees are paid on the first Thursday of each month. Sibling discounts are offered.