Hall Change 12th March 2020

THURSDAY 12th March 2020 our classes will be held in the GYM at GAYNES SCHOOL.

Please park over to the far right of the school carpark, as there are events happening in other parts of the school and they want to keep us completely separate and as much out the way as possible.

Directions to GYM
Enter through the furthest door to the right when looking at the school.
Once inside turn RIGHT
Then LEFT again
Then RIGHT…..down 6 Steps, walk straight and you’ll find the gym.

Look forward to seeing you all.

Please DO NOT go the MAIN HALL on the above date.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Tina x

Showstoppers Competition 2019

A huge well done OD Theatre School Comp Team for trying your absolute best at the Showstoppers competition, they didn’t place, but had a great time trying.

A fantastic competition to be part of, looking forward to next year!!!

Showstoppers Competition 2019


Showstoppers Competition 2019 Essex

Show Information ‘Anything & Everything’

Extra show rehearsals are on the following days and times;

Thursday 21st February 10-4pm

Sunday 10th March 1-4pm

Sunday 24th March 1-4pm

Tickets on sale at OD Theatre School from 28th February 2019

Show Date 5th April 2019